Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcome to my world!

I decided to sew once more for myself with the help of a new friend...I would buy a sewing form my size and fit my sewing project on the form as I traveled the dreamy road of creativity. Now, I needed to find a form the right size. I searched for one that I liked the looks of and also would be my the first task was to take my measurements. WHAT? WHAT this measuring tape in "inches"....or maybe something else that was much smaller in length...maybe?? Not so lucky... Back to the online shopping experience of finding a form that I liked the looks of AND would also be my measurements. After many pages and hours I decided to purchase a standing soft form, that I liked the looks of and then just wrap the form during the creative journey that way when I wasn't sewing it would look cute..this Quiet in came a size 10 1/2 French sized form. Wow...the french lady arrived at my door in no time, and I quickly freed her from her prison and set her up..she was beautiful. I quickly took the Quiet Woman's measurements. WHAT? This size 10 1/2 is that small? Look at that waist...must be because she's french, I guess. So, ...the wrapping began. I used the quilt batting I had on hand...and wrapped and measured and wrapped and measured and wrapped and measured. When I achieved my goal of having a sewing form, that I liked the looks of when naked,that now had my measurements....I wondered why I didn't just put a rectangle box ....same bust, waist and hip...and place it on a tripod of some sort...OY VEH! I ended up putting a nice football helmet size cup strapless bra because it was faster than wrapping. So now my cute little french Quiet Woman needs to wear clothes when I'm not on that creative road I told you about because I'm so embarrased for anyone to see her in her "unmentionables" batting and bra. Welcome to my world!

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